Monday, March 21, 2022

Dalmatian Street Day!!

Day 4: The Daily Puppy Call:

Will YOU Answer the Call?

Dalmatian Street Day is nearing its end soon, as we are now at our 4th day! Today, we have a special announcement regarding our organizing efforts in pushing the popularity of the Daily Puppy website itself. Up until now, our outreach in pushing 101 Dalmatian Street's existence to millions of users across the world of social media has been very minimal and very limited. This time, we want our promotion of The Daily Puppy to be a massive multi-effort. This new approach will require involvement of many of YOU lovely pups in the 101DS fandom. That's why we're working on a new system that will allow us to get 101DS-related news out to a larger audience and it's just as powerful as the Worldwide Woof! Allow us to introduce to you "THE DAILY PUPPY CALL!"

The Daily Puppy Call is basically an event-related notification where we ask you lovely fans to answer an important call for a 101DS-related event for the 101DS fandom such as news, art-events, trending parties, contests, and so much more! Our top mission is to make The Daily Puppy the main news and social hub for the community run by the very 101DS fanbase themselves. That's you people!

For running events like a Trending Party, Art-Event or contest, we will keep you updated on the status of such event throughout the day and keep up our utmost support for the show.

The call will be on the main home page of The Daily Puppy website to keep you lovely fans notified on current events.

101 Dalmatian Street's 3rd Anniversary is the perfect opportunity to introduce this new system of notification. We don't have the exact date for when it'll be fully functional, but we folks of The Daily Puppy can hardly wait! So, tell us Dalmatian fans: Will you answer the call?