Monday, November 15, 2021

Concept Art for 101 Dalmatian Street Discovered On Anne Rufin's Website

The Daily Puppy has never showcased any 101DS concept art/characters since it had launched. Until now, of course! Miles (A.K.A. JustTheMiles from Twitter) has stumbled upon one of the show's graphics designers' website. That's right, French/American 2-D art director Anne Ruffle keeps a gallery of early concept art of 101 Dalmatian Street in this gallery right here! The website is accessible to 101DS fans who has a taste for production/early artwork!

Anne Rufin's 101DS Concept art gallery features a plethora of assets, like the snow-flake patterns from the episodes Winter Funderland and Snow Day, The Great Guru Miaow statue, The Dalmatian family's TV set, Dylan's Dippy dinosaur puppet and Prince Dylan attire, and even Dawkins' Princess Positron doll, snow caps for the Dalmatian siblings and so much more! Here's a few samples of Anne's early artwork for the show. The rest you can see on her website yourself.