Wednesday, August 24, 2022

101DS Merchandise:

Puzzle Sets from Turkey + French Magazine Comic Scans

We had discovered new information regarding 101 Dalmatian Street merchandise during our successful 101DS Trending Holiday earlier this month! And recently, we've got a new set of merchandise that's coming all the way from the state of Turkey. If you're in Turkey and lucky enough, you'll find three, new 101DS jig-saw puzzle sets from the KS puzzle company, waiting to be bought! We like to thank @Cadpig101 for this incredible find!

Puzzle Piece Set #1

Puzzle Piece Set #2

Puzzle Piece Set #3

In addition to jigsaw puzzles, we also have updates on foreign published 101DS books/magazines. One of the 101DS magazines, drawn for a children's Disney French magazine, "Mon premier Journal de Mickey" have been fully recovered with fully scanned pages, thanks to @Sr_dosxx! (We don't know if that's all of the pages) Aside from including small, fun games for kids to partake, the magazine features a small episodic story where Doug's collar goes missing, and Dylan and Dolly set out to retrieve it back. The scans are available to read on Dosxx's Twitter, but we thought about bringing it over to the Daily Puppy website to provide users more than one way to view them, English translations included! Thank you again Sr. Dosxx recovering these pages!