Wednesday, December 22, 2021


On Febuary 12th, 2022, Danuki's 5th 101DS Twitter Trending Party Begins!

Hey, hey, hey, 101DS fans! The Daily Puppy is proud to announce our 5th 101 Dalmatian Street Twitter Trending Party, on February 12th, 2022, starting at 9:30AM! Hosted by The Daily Puppy's Co-Publisher Danuki Dalmatian Troopa! That's nearly two months from now!

As we have seen throughout the previous trending events... there has always been a long and slow advancement in a number of tweets for this event. But that comes with a surprise, when you count retweets and quote-tweets.

In fact, as you recall in the 3rd trending party on September 4th a couple months back... we reached 3000 tweets featuring hashtag #101DalmatianStreet and 2000 tweets featuring hashtag #Save101DalmatianStreet, thus combining the total of 5000 tweets with retweets and quote-tweets included! That highly stunning number attracted the attention of Cartoon Crave, who had acknowledged and sponsored the event. Also a remarkable achievement!

So, our reasoning is that if with 5000 tweets we were able to make ourselves heard, in a sense, and if we were able to do more ... what could happen? Perhaps Disney might acknowledge 101 Dalmatian Street's regrowing popularity and consider a Season 2?

That's why we put all our trust in all the fandom, so that our voices can reach everyone, and everywhere, and make this fantastic series popular! And without further ado, please scroll down this post for the all the info you need on how to promote this exciting event.

Our mission for this upcoming event is to get #101DalmatianStreet & #Save101DalmatianStreet trending on twitter.

We also recommend using the hashtag #101TrendingParty to promote the event. As this is a multi-media effort now, we're going to be promoting the event not just on Twitter, but also on YouTube and DeviantArt. (To everyone who has a YT account, DA account or both).

Make promotional material for the event like banners/posters/animated GIFS. Upload them on your Twitter/YouTube/DeviantArt accounts: Set the banner up on your YouTube and/or DeviantArt account and pin your Promotional poster on your Twitter account. You can also make a Tips & Guides poster telling viewers how to help promote our 5th 101DS trending event.

And as always, the rules for joining this Trending party are as follows:

  • Post anything on 101DS. Tweet, retweet and quote-tweet:

The most important ones are fan-art and crossover fan-art to appeal to users from other IP fanbases.

Also memes, episode images, fan art, fan fics, comics, animations, music... pretty much everything!

  • Live-tweet and/or binge watch 101 Dalmatian Street on the DisneyPlus streaming service (If you owe the app)

with hashtags included

  • Use these HIGHLY recommended hashtags when posting 101DS-related tweets:

#101DalmatianStreet, #Save101DalmatianStreet, #Disney and #DisneyPlus and #101TrendingParty (To promote the event)

Some other hashtags like: #101DSseason2, #101DalmatianStreet4Ever, #101DS, #Continue101DalmatianStreet, #More101DalmatianStreet, #101Dalmatians are optional.

  • Make use of the "Tag People" feature to tag the companies that made the show: @AtomicCartoons, @Hello_Passion, @GigglebugO, @Disney_UK & also @DisneyPlus

And also tag the actors who lent their talented voice-acting to our beloved, fun-loving, furry heroes of the show, when posting fan-art featuring the characters of the series: @Whammybah A.K.A. Michella Dietz (Dolly), @nikparmar13 (Deepak) @LeClaireJoshua (Hunter De Vil), @kikibaby79 (Da Vinci & Roxy), @MichelleGomez (Cruella De Vil), @RasmusHardiker (Hansel), @Rufusjones1 (Constantin), @PalomaFaith (Portia), @OllyMurs (Spike)

And last but not least, we the folks of the Daily Puppy would like to offer a great, heart-warming Christmas greeting to every 101 Dalmatian Street fan around the world. let's all do our part and start off the new year in the best possible way.

If you are not clear about anything you can consult this link.

Until next post... This is The Daily Puppy... signing off!

# Save101DalmatiansStreet

# 101TrendingParty