Saturday, March 19, 2022

Dalmatian Street Day!! Day 2:

The Daily Puppy is searching for writer-pups to recruit in building its website!

The Daily Puppy is now celebrating Day 2 of a week-long Dalmatian Street Day to celebrate 101DS's 3rd Anniversary! Our next announcement involves the website itself. We are now looking for experienced, potential editors (we call them writer-pups) in the 101DS fandom to help us in expanding the very foundation of The Daily Puppy news site. As you all know, the website is run by only two pups, Phrontistery and co-editor Danuki Dalmatian Troopa, so it's incredibly understaffed at the moment. Therefore, it has been incredibly difficult for one editor to make a newspaper post with 101DS content every single day and puts a lot of weight for that user alone. Expanding the staff & crew has always been our No. 1 priority for our website since last year, and we want to give fans of the 101DS fandom the opportunity to become a moderator or editor in order to ensure that we're able to help the website grow into a successful home space for the ever-growing 101DS fan community for years to come. If you wish to join, you can contact PhrontisteryA or Danuki through DM on Twitter or on Discord. Please be aware however that being a staff member means that you must have full of experience and trust before you're given an approval from Phrontistery to be qualified as an editor. As such, we STRONGLY recommend you read this info, which highlights all the requirements you need to get approved as an official writer-pup by Phron.

  1. If Thou want to join, you can contact Phrontistery or Danuki through DM on Twitter/or Discord. Once you get a response, Danuki will review your experiences via Discord.

  2. Thou must have years of experience in three of these followings: Grammar, website editing, article writing. Having no experience in any of the three tasks will not guarantee you approval as a potential writter-pup.

  3. The Daily Puppy runs on Google Sites. If Thou have experience with the Google site's page editor, you can notify Phrontistery about it. However, there's no guarantee that he'll allow you the access to the website's contents.

  4. Thou are welcome to give ideas/suggestions it Phron about changes to improve the website experience, but you must also agree the boundaries that Phron has implemented for the website.

  5. Thou must write a document for a Daily Puppy post, and it needs to be well organized. Something like an art gallery featuring a specific character for "Dalmatian Art Gallery Saturday" or 101DS fan-content like fan-comics, fan-music, fanfics, etc... Then send the document to Danuki via Google. Danuki will then copy and paste your document to the daily post he's working on and publish it.

  6. If Thou don't have the experience but still want to support the website however, you can still help by promoting The Daily Puppy website via your social media accounts (YouTube, DeviantArt, Twitter, Newgrounds, Tumblr, Steam, etc...)

We're hammering out plans behind the scenes on what improvements we can make for a better, more exciting experience on The Daily Puppy news website and make it as big of a hit as the MLP:FIM fan-site "Equestria Daily", and we're counting on the most experienced editors in the 101DS community to help us make that dream come true! We're writing this message on the second day of Dalmatian Street Day right now to tell you that we need your help in achieving this goal, as well as helping build up "101 Dalmatian Street Wiki's" recognition. Thanks for the support so far, and we hope you consider becoming a staff member for our site!