Friday, May 20, 2022

New Deadline Date for our 101DS 3rd Anniversary Art Event!! August 8th!

Hello, Dalmatian fans! As you already know, we're hosting our big art event for 101 Dalmatian Street's 3rd Anniversary. Now, we originally planned to post the gallery of artwork based off the most memorable scenes from the episodes of the show on May 25th, but so far, we have only received an incredibly small number of artwork. After hearing feedback from most of you lovely fans, it has been clear that many are still working on the artwork for the event. So, to address these concerns, we have decided to reschedule our 101DS 3rd Anniversary art event to a later date on August 8th, with the deadline to submit your artwork now being August 5th.

Hopefully, this will give fans much more time to work on their art-pieces based off memorable moments from the show. So, if you're planning to continue making artwork for this exciting art event to celebrate the show's Anniversary, now is the good time to do it. Take your time to get your artwork finished, and once it's ready, submit on our Submit/FAQ page! And as always, we hope you're looking forward to seeing to it displayed on our 101DS 3rd Anniversary Art Gallery on August 8th!