Friday, October 14, 2022

101DS Fan-Comic Spotlight:

"Stress and Support" by VersailerCat

We have another fan-comic fresh from the 101 Dalmatian Street fandom, this time starring our spotted, music lover, DJ, as an anthropomorphic pup, drawn by the talented @VersailerCat! Not only does this comic show actual bonding between brothers, but it also gives fans a taste of what our favorite family of rowdy Dalmatians would be like in an Alternate Universe, be that Zootopia, as anthropomorphic dogs walking on hindlegs! (An idea from Lumiadreyar15, the uploader of this comic)

"Stress and Support" delves deep into DJ's character, giving us Dalmatian fans a better look of what our favorite music enthusiast is like under his cool-headed exterior, another prime example of emotional family bonding that the first season of 101DS had showed not very much of. We recommend giving this a comic a read and giving a shout-out to VersailerCat for this spectacular comic about anthro Dalmatians. Which begs us the question: Would YOU like to see more of the 101DS cast in the Zootopia Universe?