Wednesday, January 5, 2022

101DS Fan-Artist Spotlight:

Time for our next fan-artist spotlight! To start things off with the new year, we wanted to showcase real, over-the-top, vibrant artwork from an extremely talented pup, and who else but the talented sketch/digital artist Sherwoodwhisper from DeviantArt! This user is known for his My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic artwork, and we strongly recommend taking a look at his work, especially the 101DS-related ones! His artistic direction has a unique look. While the drawing style of 101DS's beloved characters remains faithful in its accuracy to the show's art style, Sherwood also combines the original artwork with a blend of his one-of-a-kind realism to it, drawing character angles and anatomy in ways that you wouldn't normally see in the show itself, thus resulting a very Disney-esque art direction. We folks of the Daily Puppy wanted to offer Sherwoodwhisper a shower of praise for his unique talent, and that's why we're showcasing the 101DS artwork that he's created thus far, and there's likely plenty of more from where that came from in the future!


Dylan and Dolly


Dolly Doodles

Doly Intrigued

Not Fair

Sister's Teasing

Little Sister

Good Morning

Target Audience

Triple D Grayscale

After a Long Day