Thursday, November 25, 2021

Potential fanfic series by ChelleDoggo "Group Hypnotherapy" in need of Support

We have a message for all of you lovely Deepak fans. Dog lover, not mention die-hard Deepak fan ChelleDoggo is planning to turn her fanfic "Group Hypnotherapy" into a full-scaled series. The story focuses on each member of the Dalmatian family as well as likely other characters outside the fam expressing their feelings, and Chelle needs your help and support to make it happen! We folks at The Daily Puppy strongly recommend you express your support for this potential fanfic series, by giving comments and love for it! It's available on for reading where you can do just that. This may likely be the most major 101DS fanfic project to ever be made from ChelleDoggo, and her fanfic could really use the love and support from your Deepak fans.

Genre: [Family], [Fluff], [Hurt/Comfort], [Slice-of-Life], [Friendship]

Source: (ArchiveofOurOwn)

Summary: Deepak leads group hypnosis sessions with his family to help them relax and talk about their feelings.