Friday, December 24, 2021

101DS Christmas Fanfic Spotlight:

A Corgi Carol by ChelleDoggo

Christmas day is upon us, Dalmatian fans! While we wait for fans to post their artwork for our upcoming Merry Pups 2021 Art Gallery tomorrow, what better way to celebrate Christmas Eve than to present this holiday fanfic "A Corgi Carol"? This fanfic is of course inspired by the top-hit, classic Christmas novel: "The Christmas Carol", by Charles Dickens, and written by a major Deepak nerd and a faithful 101DS fan, ChelleDoggo!

And if you can guess: Yes, Clarissa plays the role of Ebenezer Scrooge, the main protagonist of the story. Considering that this snobby Corgi did her part in trying to rescue the Dalmatian family from becoming Cruella's latest fashionable clothing-line, we felt that she at least deserves a bit of spotlight. Chelle's fanfic does a superior job in representing Corgi's point of view and her past, and how she's not entirely heartless as the Dalmatian fam depicted of her, and we really recommend giving this story a read.

Genre: [Family], [Christmas], [Dark], [Fantasy], [Drama]

Source: (ArchiveofOurOwn)

Synopsis: A 101 Dalmatian Street take on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. When Clarissa costs the Dalmatian family their home on Christmas Eve, she is visited by three spirits. Will she see the error of her evil and vindictive ways before it's too late?