Sunday, April 3, 2022

101 Dalmatian Street: Camdenhornets

(A 101DS X Slender-Man fan-trailer by JackTheCryogonal)

Yes, we know Halloween is not until the next couple of months, but that doesn't stop us folks of The Daily Puppy from showcasing this. A Youtube user, who goes by his username Jack the Cryogonal, has made a mock-up fan-trailer, in which 101 Dalmatian Street crosses over with a well-known fictional horror character who we all know as Slenderman: 101 Dalmatian Street: Camdenhornets! Slenderman is a very iconic fictional character amongst many horror enthusiasts, as well as creepypasta writers, and we had no doubt in mind that this fictional 15ft tall, faceless, tentacled person would cross over into the 101 Dalmatians universe at some point in the 101DS fandom.

The fun fact is even before 101 Dalmatian Street existed, Jack made videos based off the legendary, iconic viral video on YouTube "The Angry German Kid", which of course featured a German teenage boy raging on Unreal Tournament and smashing his keyboard. Jack the Cryogonal's latest video "101 Dalmatian Street: Camdenhornets" certainly has the potential to be made into an actual fanfic, and we want to give him a thumbs-up for his best effort in creating this fan-made 101DS x Slenderman trailer.