Sunday, October 30, 2022

30+ 101 Dalmatian Street GIF's Available For Access on the "Damm It!" Website!!

Dalmatian fans. If you're wondering where to find the source for all 101 Dalmatian Street animated GIF's, we believe now is the time we show you where they came from! These GIFs were made in collaboration with Gigglebug and another animation team "Damm it!" to promote the show when it first aired!

"Damm it!" is a team of animators who collaborate with other animation companies to deliver stunning, high-quality animated content, and they of course are responsible for the animation tween and the ink and paint for 101DS's stunningly fluid GIF's. Almost all 30 animated GIFs of the show's colorful canine characters are available for access on Damm it's website (There are still five more that are missing), and we highly recommend you check it out! Click these two pics below to access them!

"Damm it" have done insanely incredible work in animating 30 of these adorable, animated GIFs, and they deserve the praise and recognition from the 101DS fandom for the time and effort they've put into each GIF. Not to mention, that this will be benefit the 101DS fandom to be more creative with the fan-content they make! If you have the time, please contact "Damm it" and end them a thank you message for the hardwork they've done to make these precious gems, and perhaps tell them that you want to see the last five animated GIFs!