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Tips & Guides for the July 30th 101DS Twitter Trending Day!!

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Our co-editor, Danuki is at it again! This time the next 101 Dalmatian Street trending party will be heading to new heights, with a little sponsor from us folks of the Daily Puppy! On July 30, we're gonna be hosting our 1st ever International 101 Dalmatian Street Twitter Trending Day!

That's right. With our first 101DS trending day, things are gonna be a little different this time around regarding how we trend 101DS content on Twitter! This trending event has no strict timeslot as we have agreed that it gives our trending parties a disadvantage of trying to bring a huge number of 101DS fans together for such events and getting 101DS trending by massive numbers. Now, 101DS fans from different time zones can join the event at once, not to mention that they can begin posting 101DS content just hours early before that day when fans from the USA and Canada can officially start trending their content as well, to keep the constant flow of growing 101DS fan content on Twitter during the 24-hour event, all day and all night long. With that being said, here's the tips & guides on how to promote our 101DS Trending Day listed below:

  • Our mission is the same as in previous trending parties: Get hashtags #101DalmatianStreet & #Save101DalmatianStreet trending on Twitter, while using #101TrendingParty to promote the event.

  • The scale of our promotional efforts is gonna be much bigger. We're now going to be promoting the July 30th 101DS Trending Day everywhere, and we mean EVERYWHERE. On Twitter, YouTube, DeviantArt, Instagram, Tiktok, Newgrounds, Tumblr, Facebook, Furaffinity, etc... We need to do our parts to promote the event across the world of Social/Art Media with the help of the 101DS fandom.

And we can't have a 101DS Trending Day without promotional content, so you'll need to make promotional content to market the event. (Artwork, Posters, Banners, Animated GIFs, and Promotional Videos) Have them set up and posted onto your Social/Art media accounts ahead of July 30th.

  • When posting 101DS content on Twitter, always use hashtags when doing so. The recommended tweets are #101DalmatianStreet, #Save101DalmatianStreet, #101TrendingParty, #Disney, #DisneyPlus.

Some other hashtags like #101Dalmatians, #101DS, #101DSSeason2, #DalmatianStreetPlus, #101DSFanMovement, #101DalmatianStreet4Ever, and #Continue101DalmatianStreet are optional.

  • Tweet, Re-tweet and Quote Tweet 101DS content of any kind that you make and share: Fan-art, comics, fan-music, fanfiction, fan-games, screenshots from 101DS, merchandise, music videos, memes, animated Gifs, fan-animation, Photos, pretty much anything. But please, do not under any circumstances use NSFW content as promotional material.

  • It's also essential to make crossover 101DS fan-art to attract users from other fanbases like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Spongebob Squarepants, Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Zootopia, Gravity Falls, Jellystone, OK KO: Let's be Heroes, Dragonball Z, Kingdom Hearts, etc...

Use the "Tag People" feature when posting 101DS content on Twitter to tag companies, directors, artists, musicians, character voice actors and animators to let them know that your support for 101 Dalmatian Street is strong, and that their hard work in making the show come to life is highly appreciated. These are the Twitter usernames of each staff member from the show you can tag as listed above.

And that's all you need to know on how you can help promote our July 30th 101DS Twitter Trending Day. We like to thank you 101DS fans for the amazing support so far, and we hope to continue expanding our efforts on making 101 Dalmatian Street popular with your help.