Sunday, December 5, 2021

The Daily Puppy's 1st Annual 101DS Merry Pups Art Event starts on December 25th!!

Find your Christmas Tree, grab some paint, and bring out your creative side once more, 101DS fans! We've done our 1st annual 101DS Hallowen-themed art event, and now with Christmas Day on the horizon, we're hosting our next annual Holiday art event!

We're going to be accepting Christmas themed artwork for our Dec 25th art gallery for our Merry Pups art gallery of 2021! We the duo of The Daily Puppy wish to bring please many 101 Dalmatian Street fans with a large gallery of fanart full of Christmas cheer!

The task is quite simple: We need 101DS fans to make Christmas themed 101DS artwork for our gallery! Just submit your artwork on our Daily Puppy Submit/FAQ on the website itself or on Discord. Any Christmas artwork is acceptable except for NSFW/violent content. We'll be reviewing each of your artwork across the net and on here! The deadline for 101DS fans to post their Christmas-themed artwork is on Christmas Day, Dec 25th.

This month is a the time of year to bring many 101DS fans together, as we continue with our mission to make 101 Dalmatian Street popular again, and we wish for you to do your part. So until then, let's get to making those Merry Pups artwork for the event, and spread the holiday cheer among the fandom!