Sunday, November 14, 2021

Re-introducing Our Mascot for The Daily Puppy:

Phrontistery receives a new puppet design!

How's it going, my dedicated pups? This is Danuki Dalmatian Troopa, co-editor of The Daily Puppy News Website reporting in. First off, we'd like to sincerely apologize. Due to our full-focus on yesterday's 101 Dalmatian Street Twitter Trending Party, we had to cancel our Dalmatian Art Gallery Saturday for this week. Regardless, we could not be more happy to announce that the main editor of the website, Phrontistery has a brand new character design and puppet animation for his videos! That's right, Phron will be uploading a weekly roundup of 101 Dalmatian Street fan content from you lovely fans of the 101 Dalmatian Street community!

On the other paw, here's a video of Phrontistery's puppet in action. And as promised, he has uploaded a long-waited video for a rare 101DS app game, Boom Night Rescue: Part 2! With Phron now planning to upload videos weekly, our Daily Puppy news website has taken another step forward in the 101DS fandom, and me and Phron are both eager to show you pups what future plans we have for this website down the line! Until next time, my dedicated pups! Peace!