Tuesday, September 14, 2021

It all starts with one scam gone awry, and before they know it, the Eds find themselves in Camden, dogpiled by a family of black-n-white spotted little Dalmatians! This hilarious fanfic is a love letter to fans who grew up with the most nostalgic animated show on Cartoon Network. Come join Ed, Edd n' Eddy as they find themselves tangled up in Dylan and Dolly's chaotic, spot-filled shenanigans!

This fic was written by a 101DS x EEnE fan, FenrisArts and is available to read on Fanfiction.net & Archiveofourown.org

Ever wondered what's happening in Deepak's mind during his meditation? This fanfic should speak for itself!

It all starts with Dolly playing a solo game of chess, and when one piece moves, you guessed it: Chaos ensues! Check it out!