Saturday, December 31, 2022

The Daily Puppy's 2022 Year Wrap-up!

Be Prepared for 101 Dalmatian Street's 4th

Anniversary and more!

Hello to all fans of the 101 Dalmatian Street fandom. It has no doubt been another fun year for 101DS fans young and old, and despite everything that's been going in real-life (The War in Ukraine, the global inflation and some emotional ups and downs in the fandom), we've done SO much in 2022.

Although we're hard at work in making 101DS popular, it's clear that we have a long way to go. As of right now, we still haven't been able to find new writer-pups to fill for new staff members of The Daily Puppy website, and sadly due to a lack of artwork for our 3rd Anniversary Art Event, we will have to set it aside for next year. We're also still in the planning phases for the new system "The Daily Puppy Call" as we're looking for people with plenty of coding experience and such. We're hoping to continue tackling these issues in the future, and right now we need everyone in the fandoms support to help load the website with 101DS content.

On the bright side of all of this, we had more content and fan-events then we did last year, ranging from Holiday events, @Luxioboi's Dorothy De Vil saga (Which helped boosted its popularity), and of course an 101DS art tutorial by @JustTheMiles and we expect more flow of 101DS content throughout the new year of 2023. That's not to mention that we've made more than 4000 tweets with #101DalmatianStreet during the August 6th 101DS Twitter Trending Holiday, a HUGE achievement in the 101DS fandom!

And Co-editor Danuki's recent upload of the "Save 101 Dalmatian Street Campaign Video" has already brought excitement among the fandom despite its small-growing number of views. Starting now, "Save 101 Dalmatian Street" campaign video will be a symbol of our hard work in dedication to supporting 101 Dalmatian Street's popularity on Disneyplus, the internet and beyond, and we hope for many of you fellow 101DS fans to help bolstering the video's popularity with more views and more newcomers.

With all that being said, we have BIGGER plans for the show's next anniversary on March 18th (Which we dub as Dalmatian Street Day), and the campaign video will play a very big role in the ever growing community. Thank you all so much for your support for 101 Dalmatian Street so far, and we hope you're all looking forward to showing your continued support for 101 Dalmatian Street in 2023 and especially for the 4th anniversary! Now, without further adue. Here are the top ten posts full of 101DS fan-content that's worth looking into! Check it for yourself!

1. "Save 101 Dalmatian Street Campaign Video"

Take a look at Danuki's "Save 101 Dalmatian Street Campaign Video" on his YouTube & Twitter! Tell all of your friends to watch this video and help kickstart the biggest step in the 101DS fandom's history! We hope this video will make a remarkable impact in the fandom's movement to make 101 Dalmatian Street a popular trend across the globe, on Disney+, the internet, absolutely everywhere! And we folks of The Daily Puppy are proud to be the sponsor of this video. You can watch the video below right here on the website, and if you like what you're seeing and feel motivated to support the show, tell your friends to watch this video and spread the word about it!

2. "The Pom Problem" by The Miles

It has been a while since we've seen a new fan-comic from the Miles, and this one may be the best fan-comics we've seen in a while. This fan-comic is titled "The Pom Problem" and it's a mini-sode that features our lovely hard-working Dalmatian mother, Delilah and also introduces a cheerful therapy Pomeranian pup: Poppy! Mile's 101DS OC!

"The Pom Problem" touches heavily upon envy and fear, (Which Delilah's fear of being replaced demonstrates) while also providing deep character lore. The storyline for this comic gives fans a deeper perspective of what Delilah feels under her cool, professional, hard-working exterior as well as potentially unveiling her worst fears, like failing her family. Still believe losing her pups to a certain power hungry, fur-obsessed, haggard lunatic is the only fear Delilah has? This comic may have more than meets the eye!

3. 101DS Parody fan-comics by HMDKoba

The Daily Puppy definitely needs more 101DS fan comics. That's why today, we're shedding the spotlight on three of these small, 101DS fan comics by the talented @HMDKoba! 101 Dalmatian Street takes on a more, dark-humored approach in Koba's 101DS comic series. These two comics contain adult-rated jokes and humor that younger audiences may have trouble understanding. As such, these comics are considered more of a parody compared to the more original, light-hearted, child humor that the show has to offer. You'll find the adult-like humor in these comics hilarious at first glance! Check them out below, and be sure to give Koba plenty of praise for this comedy-gold parody series!

(WARNING: If you 101DS fans are a parent and have children that are too sensitive over content like this, or if you're concerned about their innocent minds, or if you're a child yourself, this fan-comic series may probably not be for you)

4. 30+ 101 Dalmatian Street GIF's Available For Access on the "Damm It!" Website!!

Dalmatian fans. If you're wondering where to find the source for all 101 Dalmatian Street animated GIF's, we believe now is the time we show you where they came from! These GIFs were made in collaboration with Gigglebug and another animation team "Damm it!" to promote the show when it first aired!

"Damm it!" is a team of animators who collaborate with other animation companies to deliver stunning, high-quality animated content, and they of course are responsible for the animation tween and the ink and paint for 101DS's stunningly fluid GIF's. Almost all 30 animated GIFs of the show's colorful canine characters are available for access on Damm it's website (There are still five more that are missing), and we highly recommend you check it out! Click the image below to access them!

5. A 101 Dalmatian Street Art Tutorial Page on Miles' Neocities Art Blog!

It appears that 101DS fan artists' struggles to search through the internet to find tutorials on how to draw your favorite characters from the show may be a thing in the past! Our talented artist Miles (A.K.A. @JusttheMiles on twitter) has made a page on her Neocities art blog, giving 101DS fans like you access to all kinds of tutorials and steps on how to draw characters, backgrounds, and visuals from the show itself! (Click the picture to visit the page yourself)

This page will prove very resourceful, reliable and will no doubt benefit many artists who want to replicate the show's bubbly, gumball styled art for their 101DS artwork or something entirely original! Check it out!

6.101DS Fanfiction Spotlight:

"Rewarding" by TilDawnTomorrow

This feels like a good time to re-introduce this fanfic from late 2019, the year when 101 Dalmatian Street was still airing on TV and written by a talented fanfic writer TilDawnTomorrow. "Reward" is a coming-of-age one-shot that tells a light, emotional story of Dante and DJ in a way that we don't normally see in the actual show, giving us a deeper look on the two characters in a way not many of us would ever had imagined, while showing that DJ is not always a chill music-loving pup, and Dante is not always a town-crier, and foreseer of apocalyptic events capable of destroying the entire world. We're not going to spoil too much for first time readers of this fic, but it's a fun, fluff-filled comfort story that nails the diverse interaction between brothers and sisters of the Dalmatian family!

Cover art by: BassyWolfeh

Genre: [Coming-of-Age], [Family], [Slice-of-Life], [Hurt/Comfort]

Synopsis: Of how our favorite goth Dalmatian discovers there's more to him than just being the doom and gloom dog he's known to be. He's also a big brother. And as it turns out, it's not as bad as he imagined at all.

(Status: Complete)

Source: ArchiveofOurOwn

7. The Great Camden Dog Caper

by Malcolm Yates

We haven't done much of representing 101DS Fanfics lately, have we? Let's fix that, shall we? Starting with this complete fanfic story featuring our hairy friend, Hunter De Vil in one of the many fan-canon aftermaths of the 1st Season of the show: "The Great Dog Caper" written by a major Hunter De Vil fan, Malcolm Yates! We very much recommend you fellow pups to start at the first chapter of this story. "The Great Dog Caper" offers a familiar feel of adventure and mystery from the De Vil story-arc during the first season of the show, as well as going out of its way to represent the dark nature on the humans' toxic behavior towards dogkind, and the foreshadow of an evil cult as the story progresses. Even Hunter De Vil fans will get a kick at this story, as it greatly touches upon Hunter's interaction with many other pups of the Dalmatian family and the Camden dogs, and also the struggling trust & bond between him and Dylan. We folks of The Daily Puppy wish to give Malcolm a rounding applause for his spectacular writing and character chemistry and for giving 101DS fans something to read about regarding the former nephew of Cruella De Vil.

Genre: [Adventure], [Family], [Mystery], [Dark]

Synopsis: When Dylan, Dolly, Dante, and hundreds of other dogs end up getting dognapped, the pups ask Hunter to help find them.

(Status: Complete)

Source: ArchiveofOurOwn

8. The Cartoon Disney Hid from You -

101 Dalmatian Street by JustStop

Dalmatian fans, it looks like our efforts to make 101DS popular may be starting have an effect on a broader audience. A YouTuber named JustStop has put together an honest review about 101 Dalmatian Street with his own thoughts & opinions, as well as arguments as to why the show deserves another season or maybe two, and what potentials the show would have had the folks working at the broadcasting divisions of the Disney company made better scheduling and decisions on how the show should be marketed abroad. That's not to say though that the show being hidden from the public eye was intentional. We highly recommend 101DS fans giving this video a watch and praise this YouTuber for shedding some light on the show's existence.

9. New One Hundred-One Dalmatians Animated Collab by Disney Animation & Givenchy!

It seems that we're for some real 101 Dalmatians nostalgia, Dalmatian fans! Walt Disney Animation Studios has released a new animated piece taken directly from the original 1961 film "One Hundred-One Dalmatians"!

This new animation has been made in an upcoming collaboration with a certain fashion company "Givenchy" to promote its new dalmatian-themed fashion line! And the exciting part of the news is that the legendary animator/director Eric Goldberg is responsible for this animated collab!

10. First Two Pages of GjtProductions' Season 2 Project Comic

101DS fans, the first two pages of GJTProductions' 101DS Season 2 comic project have been released! This exciting fan-comic tells its own aftermath of what happened after the season 1 finale, and what's been going on behind the scenes during Cruella De Vil's defeat! These first two comic pages were of course created by an talented artist @elibearries in collaboration to this exciting new fan-comic! These two pages have already garnered thousands of views on DeviantArt, so it's worth taking a peek of this exciting new fan-series from the most talented fan-artists and story tellers in the 101DS fandom!