Saturday, October 2, 2022

Dalmatian Art Gallery Saturday

Theme: Da Vinci's Art Museum

Art is everything: feeling, tasting, touching, seeing, hearing, fantasy, reality, and everything in between. We're certain Da Vinci agrees with us with every aspect that art has to offer. On today's Dalmatian Gallery Saturday, we want to express Da Vinci's feelings of art by presenting to you a museum of artwork, featuring our favorite painter pup herself, with art pics done by HigglyTownHero, PKBrainshock, BabClayton, and so many more artists with their love towards this adorable art-loving puppy girl!

Da Vinci & Akira By PKBrainShk

Da Vinci 1 By HigglytownHero

Da Vinci 2 By MrJazzArt

Da Vinci & Dante By Drake Dalmatian

R295 Da Vinci By Bocian

Roller Pups By WhiteWolf20xx

Rest After Work By Syrik

Paint Us a Rainbow JustTheMiles

A Gift For Da Vinci By TheMateofArt

Airbrush Cheer By SaffronPanther

Clumsy Artist By HigglyTownHero

An Artist's Burden By InsufferableOaf

Beauty Da Vinci By TheAngelux22

Bienvenida By SaffronPanther

Da Vinci & DJ By HigglyTownHero

Champion By HigglyTownHero

Da Vinci Fanart By Nickick90

Dior & Da Vinci By Dandy Gemini

Creative Mood By Trc001

Anthro Da Vinci By Animans-Studio

Da Vinci By CeruleanAzura

Da Vinci By DeadYoung

Da Vinci (1961 Style) By SegaDisneyUniverse

Anthro Da Vinci By Vissiny15

Da Vinci & The Butterfly BY JDOS

Da Vinci by SteamPunkHorse

Da Vinci by Windinz

Da Vinci by PKBrainshk

Da Vinci 2 by MrJazzArt

Da Vinci by Numbuh-27

Da Vinci by Papyswapy

Da Vinci by Payor219

Anthro Da Vinci by Animagusureeal

Da Vinci & The Ball by Dalmatian Studio

Da Vinci Italia by Marcoart97

Da Vinci of Earth by WhiteWolf20xx

Pats by Mayroraw

Da Vinci Chibi by Reborn3580

Da Vinci by JocelyNMinions

Thank You by Arutea

Da Vinci (AC Style) by DalmatianGuard

Da Vinci's Painting the Town by BabClayton

Da Vinci's Inspiration From Above by BabClayton

Doggie Da Vinci by BabClayton

Da Vinci by Alonso-Bazan

Da Vinci's Bow by HigglyTownHero

JDOS & Da Vinci By Capteverything

Bashul Da Vinci by Spotty8ee

Human Da Vinci by MiraBunCupcake15

Da Vinci Painting by HigglyTownHero

Da Vinci by Ellizary

Just an Apple by HigglyTownHero

Da Vinci By Mojo1985

Da Vinci Funny Face by HeinousFlame

Da Vinci Dalmatian by Animans-Studio

Da Vinci by XFangHeartX

Da Vinci Goes in Style by PKBrainshk

Da Vinci Painting by Dalmatian Studio

Da Vinci x Splatoon by Dalmatian Studio

Sitting in the Sunset by Dalmatian Studio

Padawan Da Vinci by WhiteWolf20xx

Human Da Vinci by Trc001

Happy Da Vinci by HeinousFlame

La Musica Di Da Vinci by MateoftheArt

You're In Home by CynderDaVinciDalmata

Licking On a Tree by TheCookieFish102330

Please Be Selfish Too by BassyWolfEh

Poker Face by Dylanzook

Profile of Artistic Paws by BabClayton

Puppy Cuddles by DalmatianGuard

Question of My Existence by PKBrainshk

So-called Stairwell by Fahad Lami

Sweeping Blue by SaffronPanther

This Hurts My Soul by SaffronPanther

Time To Paint by Syrik

Da Vinci by Capteverything