Monday, September 13, 2021

Have a listne to this zany remix of a 101DS sountrack "Doomsday Tuesday" composed by ZeedDead (A.K.A. Zaran)

ChelleDoggo has threw her paws together and combined the classic hit Topic & George Clinton "Atomic Dog" with Celica Gray's "It's a Dog's Life", and the results are PHENOMENAL!! Go hear it for yourself!

Ever wanted to see the 101DS cast react to your favorite animated films from Walt Disney Animation Studios? Jayofthetrees has an ongoing fanfic series to fulfill your needs for that!

Read along as our favorite family of 101 spotted rascals take a seat back, and embrace themselves through the most nostalgic moments, wether it's funny or emotional, with the likes of scenes from The Lion King, Tangled, Fantasia, Wreck-it-Ralph, The Black Cauldron... and so much more!