Sunday, September 12, 2021

The Daily Puppy's New Editor!!!

Danuki Dalmatian Troopa!!

Hello, this Phrontistery here! I'd like to introduce our new editor and dog hailing from his Twitter account: Danuki Dalmatian Troopa! to volunteer his time to work on the site and help it grow even better.

101 DS fan-Comic: Animal Control

The fan, Redundant Module has made an comic of 101, read on 101DS:AnimalControl (@1Animalcontrol) / Twitter

Visit the 101 Dalmatian Street Wiki

Check out the site for all your 101 Dalmatian Street Wiki | Fandom needs!!!!

Space Channel 5 Part 2 Shooting Section... But with Dolly's Theme Song!! (Preview)

Well, this was posted a couple months ago by Danuki's pet human. Here's a WIP preview of a nostalgic rhythm game #SpaceChannel5 but with Dolly's theme song in place during the shooting section!

Go listen to our famous Acapella artist Triforcefilms' vocalized take on the theme song for 101 Dalmatian Street!!

A two-page comic featuring Dante and Da Vinci! Go see check it out on Deviantart! Page 1 & Page 2 check out this content creator make more amazing works