Wednesday, May 10, 2023

101DS Fan-Comic Spotlight: 

"Teacher/Student Chat"

by ScooterDoodles

We've got another comic to show in our growing site full of 101DS fan-content! Today, we want to give a spotlight to one of the more recent comics drawn by the talented @ScooterDoodles called "Teacher & Student Chat", featuring Deepak and one of @CartoonsCross' (Who commissioned for this comic) OC's Deidra the kitten. 

The character interaction between Deepak and Deidra and the similar traits shared between the two has allowed Cross and us fans to make use of our creative minds to help develop a meaningful bond over the past year or so. In Scooter's comic, the two characters are about to take the next step forward in their growing cat-and-dog bond, by introducing the latter to his mentor Constantin for the first time. Scooter really went deep in terms of connection between Deepak and Deidra, and this recent comic proves how much far they've come! We recommend reading this comic for yourselves and show some appreciation for Scooter, and of course Cross for starting it all!

And for a bonus, here's a funny little comic of another one of Cross' OC's, Elvira demonstrating us over what a good prank is all about!