Monday, May 23, 2022

First Two Pages of GjtProductions' Season 2 Project Comic Now Available for Reading!!

101DS fans, the first two pages of GJTProductions' 101DS Season 2 comic project have been released! This exciting fan-comic tells its own aftermath of what happened after the season 1 finale, and what's been going on behind the scenes during Cruella De Vil's defeat! These first two comic pages were of course created by an talented artist @elibearries in collaboration to this exciting new fan-comic! These two pages have already garnered thousands of views on DeviantArt, so it's worth taking a peek of this exciting new fan-series from the most talented fan-artists and story tellers in the 101DS fandom!

If you don't already know, GJTProduction's 101DS #Season2Project is a collaborative fan-comic series by a small, growing group of fan-artists who've contributed to this project. If you have the talents of a 101DS fan-artist, this is your opportunity to help with GJT's 101DS Season 2 fan-comic. Or if you're no artist, you can still do your part to shore up support and spread awareness of this exciting fan-comic project to a larger audience across the web, by supporting it on GJT's Patreon!