Friday, March 24, 2023

101DS YouTube Spotlight: 

Jet Elevator (Polish 101DS fan-animation) by Dante Dalmatyncz

We appear to be seeing a slow-growing number of 101DS fan animation in the wild recently, Dalmatian fans! Remember the rocket elevator that's been mentioned by Dawkins in an episode "Woof Factor"? 

Well, you might get to see this dangerous invention in action! We have new Polish fan-animated short starring Dawkins, made by the talented Polish 101DS fan who goes by the name @DanteDalmatyncz (Who also did the voicework for Dawkins).

Even the animation is stiff, the fine detail that Dante has put into making these CGI backgrounds for the short and the fact that we are able to see Dawkins' rocket elevator in action makes this short all the worth watching! Just know, that this video is in Polish, so people who speak Polish or understand Polish might be able to understand what's going on in the video beyond the story alone. We folks of the Daily Puppy hope to see an English translation soon from this talented pup! We highly recommend giving this video a watch and supporting Dante on his YouTube for more content like this!