Sunday, January 01, 2023

101DS Fan-Comic Spotlight:

"Don't Push Your Luck Epilogue" by Cadpig101

Why hasn't this piece been put up on The Daily Puppy yet? We might as well fix that! Here's a old fan-comic that 101 Dalmatians might remember in the first years of the 101 Dalmatian Street fandom, when it was just a group of small people! This piece here was created by the talented @Cadpig101 and it basically a fan follow-up to an episode "Don't Push Your Luck".

Seeing as the episode ended somewhat abruptly with little to no context of what happened after, Cadpig decided to make this fluffy, wholesome fan-comic for shippers of Dolly X Hansel! As we know from the official staff of the show, Hansel has more interest in Dylan rather than Dolly, and we don't know if Hansel and Dolly being together will be a possibility in a potential Season 2, but that doesn't stop fans like Cadpig from making their own creative head-canons and aftermaths of the show's episodes! We would really like you to give this comic a read! It's one of the old treasures stashed within all of the 101DS fan-content you fellow Dalmatian fans have made that's waiting to be given the spotlight again in today's fan-comic spotlight! Click the link of the preview to see the full comic on Cadpig's DeviantArt.