Tuesday, February 14, 2022

The Results for the Feb 12th 101 Dalmatian Street Twitter Trending Party are in! How much tweets did we make?

Our Feb 12th 101DS Twitter Trending Party has come and gone, Dalmatian fans! We were absolutely blown away up by a massive number of tweets being posted by each minute the second the event had started. As we were watching the tweet log roll by, we literally lost count of how many tweets you fellow 101DS fans have made for this exciting event. We've compiled the number of tweets that have been posted from day to night. We don't have the official total number of tweets, but we can say for certain that the first 101DS trending event of 2022 was a big success! First off is our hashtag #101DalmatianStreet: We don't have concrete results since it has stuck to "100 tweets today" (Thanks a lot, Twitter!), but if we combined the few extra hours with the 800 tweets (as evidence is shown by DarkDalmatian), we would have about over 1000 tweets! Now combine that with #Save101DalmatianStreet's 720 tweets and #101TrendingParty's 670 tweets. That would make a whopping result of around 2300 total tweets!!

So all-in-all, we've got 101DS trending again, just not quite enough to make the trending page. Our Feb 12th 101DS trending event may not be as a HUGE success as our Sept 4th 101DS Twitter Trending Party, where #101DalmatianStreet trended at 3000 tweets and #Save101DalmatianStreet trended at 2000 tweets, as we believe it may have to do with the timing of our planning and organizing, but it was still worth the effort regardless. And it was thanks to Phron's co-operation in promoting the event, that we've got more people to attend the event than we did, and we look forward to doing it again in a future 101DS Twitter Trending Party!

Now, before we end up this post, we would like to again apologize for the slow activity on the website, due to real-life issues that we had to tackle with. Not to mention the obvious fact that the website is still understaffed, which makes it incredibly difficult for one person to post a Daily Puppy newspaper every single day. We're hoping to tackle these issues as we look forward to growing our website and making it become a major outlet for 101DS fans in general. And also keep looking forward to what we folks of the Daily Puppy have in store for 101 Dalmatian Street's 3rd Anniversary next month! We have plans in the works that you lovely 101DS fans might be eager to hear, so stay hyped, and as always, keep on supporting the show. If you wish to see Phron's livestream of our Feb 12th 101DS Twitter Trending Party, just scroll down and see for yourself, or you can watch on his YouTube channel for some nostalgic memories for the event.